Monthly Maintenance Package

It is great working with Simone. Always on the top of things and quick in replying to any correspondence

Most people don’t have the time or the coding experience to frequently update their website. If a website isn’t updated regularly, its functionality, integrity and security may be put at risk. Also, visitors may see outdated information. I can do the work on your website to keep it up to date.

Brief Description of Services

Regular Website Monitoring and Backup
In regularly monitoring the site, it would be protected from hackers. I would perform full backups of the site on a regular basis so that in the event of data loss, the site could be restored quickly. Regular monitoring of the website ensures functionality and that everything is working as it should. I will make the necessary upgrades to software and plugins when necessary to keep the site running smoothly.

Verify HTML and CSS Coding
If your website is not showing correctly or parts of it are not functioning as required, I can look at the coding to make sure it is standards compliant.

Content Updates & Changes
If you send content changes to me by email, I can take that information, code it, and upload it to the pages.

What is NOT included in the Monthly Maintenance Package:

Website redesign, realignment or redevelopment equaling more than 50% change to web page, website, or images on the website.

Contact me if you would like more information about the Monthly Maintenance Package.


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